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SEO Marketing & Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You sell something great. [Unfortunately, so do millions of others]. Who wins? Search engines like Google tell buyers which sites are most relevant and credible. As one of the best SEO companies, Creative Momentum knows how to get your site found, trusted and loved! We frequently raise our clients to the #1 spot, where sites grab over 36% of all clicks! No other marketing technique has a greater impact on the buying cycle. We bake strategic thought into the DNA of every web site we create. Our comprehensive SEO services integrate keyword research, competitive analysis and reporting, on-page and off-page SEO, training, video SEO best practices and much more to get killer conversions at a minimal investment.

  • SEO Audit On-page Optimization

    People see a web page with pretty images and text. Search engines see something completely different – something a human may never understand, unless you’re on the core ranking team that wrote Google’s search algorithm consisting of more than 500 million variables! Our SEO audits use sophisticated technology to analyze how search engines view your site, identify problems and structure content for maximum conversion within the context of constant change.

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    On-page Optimization

    SEO Audit On-page Optimization

    A dedicated SEO consultant will test your site’s crawl performance to show exactly how your web presence looks to Google, Bing and Yahoo bots. What may appear fine to a computer user could be problematic or confusing to web crawlers. Our on-page optimization services help you fix and prevent this.

    Page-by-Page Optimization

    SEO Audit page-by-page Optimization

    We analyze the content hierarchy of each page for site content structure and impact. Each is assigned a targeted keyword and desired call-to-action. We then optimize each page for an audience and a theme, aligned with a keyword.

  • SEO Metrics

    Landing the #1 search ranking is the holy grail of SEO. True, but there’s much more to it. By digging into the right SEO metrics, you get the right story to make the right decisions. Which channels, links, keywords and on-page/off-page factors are driving bottom-line impact? We’ll install, fine-tune and manage site tagging scripts on your site – such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Omniture – to give you holistic, meaningful insight into what drives revenue.

  • Competitive SEO Analysis

    Organic SEO is the bedrock of your online presence. If you’re not doing constant analysis and changes to move your search rank forward, you’re losing ground to someone who is. Our Competitive SEO Analysis helps you understand which sites are outranking yours. And more importantly, WHY:Competitive Keyword Research: which organic keywords are your competitors targeting? Competitor Backlink Analysis: which critical backlinks have your competitors gained from the global web community?

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