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Your Facebook Page is the hub for your business on Facebook and a great way to connect with customers. It's free, quick and easy to set up, and you can manage it from a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.Through Facebook Page can build a closer relationship with your audience and customers. With Facebook Adverts, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. Advertising on Facebook is easy for you and your customers. From a Facebook Advert, people can get directions to your shop, download your app, view your videos, add an item to a shopping basket or take another action on your website. We'll actively update you on how your Facebook Adverts perform and how your budget is spent. You can also visit Adverts Manager, our tool for managing your adverts and checking their performance. And when you’re on the go, there’s an Adverts Manager app, too.

Meet the people who'll love your business

With Facebook measurement tools, you get incredible insight on how your adverts perform. When you understand your advert results, you can improve them for even more impact. Facebook is different to other ways of advertising because you can get your advert to just the right people. You choose the audiences for your adverts, and can reach them at any time, on any device. Facebook can help your large, medium or small business grow. Facebook helps you reach your business goals. You know your business Whether you sell in person, online or through an app, you know what you'd like to do next as your business grows. We know people More than a billion people use Facebook to connect with friends, family and things that matter to them. Facebook connects businesses with people Marketing on Facebook helps your business build lasting relationships with people and find new customers.


Google+ is a relatively young social network, first opening its doors in 2011. But it already has 300 million users. The right approach with Google+ can help you build a community, enhance your search performance and make it easier than ever for customers to find and contact you. A related and even more important component of the Google+/search results integration is Google Authorship. This service allows you to tie your Google+ profile directly to articles you have written. Coupled with a strong cross-linking between your personal profile and your business profile, this can drive traffic whenever your articles turn up in search results. Google includes an image in the special “author box” for such results, and setting this to your business or employer logo further expands the branding power of Google+.

Maps, Mobile and More

Brick-and-mortar businesses will want to pay attention to this part: Google integrates address and contact information from your Google+ profile directly into Google Maps results. This means people searching Google Maps on mobile devices will be able to begin navigating to your business with only a few taps of the screen. And they’ll be able to call you with only one or two taps. This ability to make your business accessible to prospective customers is unprecedented, and Google+ is at the forefront. Places for Business also includes a customer reviews platform which allows business owners to respond to any review. That makes positive reviews visible to the world, and negative reviews easier to address. And Google says 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. That makes ignoring Google+ and its many integrations a bad idea.


LinkedIn is a social network within the larger world of social media that is geared toward business. LinkedIn is very popular with those who are seeking work and trying to build their network of contacts so they can reach out to employers. LinkedIn is also popular as a way of marketing a business, because business owners can interact with those who are interested in their services by answering questions, participating in discussions and more. Whether you landed a promotion recently or were promoted earlier in your career, you will want to impress recruiters and hiring managers with your professional climb by properly showcasing that promotion on your LinkedIn Profile. Here are some ways to showcase your professional advancements.

LinkedIn exists to help you make better use of your professional network and help the people you trust in return. Our mission is to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. We believe that in a global connected economy, your success as a professional and your competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to insight and resources you can trust. Effectively positioning promotions on your LinkedIn Profile can make it clear to hiring managers how you moved upward within an organization and not mistakenly have them think you jumped from employer to employer. It will prevent any misunderstandings and misinterpretations of your progressive experience. Most importantly, it will clearly outline to the hiring manager how you assumed additional responsibility and were recognized by your employers for your achievements. In essence, your profile will communicate your accomplishments to a prospective employer before you even hold a conversation, and inspire the recruiter to reach out to learn more. This will help recruiters and hiring managers properly digest your professional experience and reach out to you for an opportunity.


Create a profile for your business

Use your bio, photos and more to show the world who you are.Write Tweets that spark conversations with your followers and keep them engaged.

Here’s how:
  • Target with precision to connect with the right people
  • Find out more about who’s on Twitter and how to reach them
  • Understand your results with analytics
  • Integrate your marketing efforts with Twitter buttons and embedded Tweets
  • Scale your efforts to maximise your impact
  • Get results with successful promotional tactics and strategies
  • Take your business to the next level with Twitter Ads

  • The value of a followers

    When someone follows you on Twitter, they not only opt in to see your Tweets – they also take actions that provide value to your business. In fact, the findings from our ”Small Business Customer Insights Study” (2014) show that followers can help you achieve reach, sales and word of mouth. 70% of respondents Retweet because they like a business’s content. 60% of respondents have purchased from an SMB because of Twitter. 30% lift in recommendations after a respondent follows an SMB. Even a single follower can benefit your business in these ways. Now multiply that benefit by your total number of followers. Then consider Twitter’s millions of monthly active users and the followers that you can attract in the future. That’s the true size of the opportunity for your business on Twitter.Tell about yourself.

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